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Design Project Management -NEW

1.4 CEUs | Monday–Tuesday, September 26–27


Nils J. Gransberg, Ph.D., AC, A.M.ASCE

Purpose and Background

Construction projects are unique, complex endeavors that require the facilitated collaboration of multiple stakeholders and contracted parties over time to produce a completed facility that meets its owners’ requirements and expectations. A well-managed design phase is crucial to enabling project success by providing the necessary skills and deliverables to allow a project to be constructed. A poorly managed design phase can cause schedule delays, cost overruns, quality issues, rework, unnecessary claims, contentious relationships, and potential project failure. This course introduces the fundamentals of design-phase project management tools, techniques, procedures, and practices to enable the project team to effectively manage this critical phase of the project.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the fundamentals of design management in construction
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of the project team
  • Develop a design work breakdown structure
  • Integrate design deliverables into the project schedule
  • Identify and manage design risk to the project
  • Develop and employ project controls during design
  • Utilize design management plans and tools
  • Apply the fundamentals of negotiating consultant design fees

Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Achievement of the learning outcomes will be assessed through class discussion and a short post-test (true-false, multiple choice, and fill in the blank questions).

Who should attend?

  • Project engineer
  • Project manager
  • Engineer of record
  • Construction engineer
  • Construction administrator
  • Project executives


Day one

  • Introduction to design project management
  • Roles, responsibilities, and relationships
  • Negotiating consultant design fees
  • Design administration
  • Case study/PE

Day two

  • Developing design deliverables
  • Design management plans & tools
  • Design risk management
  • Integrating design and construction
  • Case study/PE

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